Commercial Flooring Systems, a premier planning-to-installation commercial flooring contractor, was repeatedly recognized in the 2023 StarNet Commercial Flooring Design Awards. Their work completed at Children’s Hospital Hubbard Center For Children was awarded a Grand Prize, a Gold Winner in Healthcare, and a Bronze in the Unique Installation Challenge category.

The Hubbard Center was designed to enhance the healing environment at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. The project consists of a new, 427,000sf nine-story tower along with a 55,000sf of renovation to the exiting hospital.

In addition to logistical challenges caused by the Center’s location, Commercial Flooring Systems collaborated closely with the architects and designers at HDR to refine the design of the flooring as well as functional aspects of the installation such as floor prep and moisture mitigation.

The team utilized a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to fabricate templates in order to make the flooring design installation 100% accurate to scale and worked with an adhesive partner to find a solution that met the required specifications and delivered a longer-working, quicker cure time. The specification required integral cove sheet vinyl corners to have butterfly detail. To accommodate the specialized installation, Commercial Flooring installers were Level 3 trained by Armstrong® to prepare for a flawless and enduring end result.

“We are so proud of our entire team and the manner in which they approached this unique project. Their ability to collaborate with the architect, designer and each other led to an exceptional customer experience and an award-winning end product,” said CFS President James Vanhauer. “We also feel honored to have played a part creating a healing environment that helps alleviate the angst and uncertainty of a hospital stay.”