Proper maintenance of flooring will ensure you enjoy the full life of your product.

Floor Care

We’ve rounded out our flooring solutions with an extensive menu of specialty floor care.

We added this service because we believe it’s good for our customers. Proper maintenance of flooring will help you enjoy the full life of your product. Not only will you keep a great appearance, but proper maintenance can actually help your flooring last longer, making the life-cycle costs of your flooring more sustainable. Clean flooring also helps provide a healthier workspace. And if you’ve worked with us for regular maintenance, it’s covered by our ongoing installation guarantee.

We don’t rely on one single process for floor care. We have multiple processes tailored to the specific products, according to the individual manufacturer’s recommendations — so you’re sure to get the floor care you need to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Such a warranty is often voided, either before the user even moves because it isn’t properly cleaned immediately post-installation, or after a short time of improper ongoing maintenance. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.